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Thank you for visiting our family farm!

Your local NEW JERSEY Hemp Farm

Family Owned & Operated Aquaponic Hemp Farming since 2020

Located in Ocean County, New Jersey, 420 Organics is a female owned business run by the Scannell Family. We grow in an ecosystem with organic practices via aquaponics. Aquaponic growing allows 420 Organics to be environmentally responsible with a sustainable form of farming with no water shed. Our deep water culture production is nourished by fish and without the need to add fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.


Cannabis Education Series

The 420 Organics family of cannabis companies is the industry leader in organic aquaponic cultivation. We are elated to offer much-needed, quality cannabis education developed by scientists and educators to others in the industry. Our team has worked with multiple companies in various branches of the cannabis industry throughout the United States, and their knowledge is based on hands-on experience.


About Us

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420 Organics is your local New Jersey Hemp farm. We bring high quality and fresh harvests to New Jersey. As an organic Farmer, we grow and process at the highest food grade standards. Our passion and care for our plants allows our smokable hemp flower and (soon to offer) CBD products, to be consistent, and reliable.

The 420 Organics family of Cannabis companies is the industry leader in organic aquaponic cultivation. We are elated to now offer quality Cannabis education to others in the industry.

We have worked with multiple companies in various branches of the cannabis industry throughout the United States, and our team’s knowledge is based on hands on experience. Our educators are PhD level Cannabis experts who are well known throughout the industry. They are highly respected educators in the Cannabis space. Our team has designed these courses with learners of all levels in mind, from novice to expert level. These courses can be taken as comprehensive programs, or in shorter lectures focused on a specific topic. Our inaugural education series launch covers many of the basic topics necessary for anyone entering the industry, and provides a board spectrum of topics related to the cannabis industry. We will continue to develop more courses as this budding industry continues to grow and change.

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Why Choose Us?


Acquaponic Farming

USDA Certified Organic

Family Run

We use an all-natural form of farming, combining the raising of fish (aquaculture) with crops grown in water (hydroponics). 

Using our Aquaponic technique of farming, our hemp is grown without chemicals or pesticides and is USDA Certified Organic.

Shore Organics is proudly family owned and operated, allowing us to put our hearts into our hemp.

Customers Feedback

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As a long-time cannabis activist, and a passionate plant person my life has led me in a lot of interesting directions, I was fortunate to come across this course from 420 Organics. Many online courses in cannabis either contain a lot of false information or are taught by people not truly in love with the plant. These courses are different. First, they’re written by some amazing doctors with actual teaching degrees, and second, they’re actually passionate about cannabis science. This class is ahead of its time, and I think anyone wanting to make any sort of impact on the space whether it's a budtender or a master grower this is a must!!! Thanks 420 Organics for the amazing cannabis education.

I recently graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in biological sciences and am hoping to get a position in the cannabis industry- preferably cultivation. I looked into many of the online courses that are offered, and this series of courses through 420 Organics offers content that will be useful for the type of position I am looking for. I especially like the self-paced nature of the online format, and the experience and passion the professors have for this incredible plant. I learrned so much, and even found out that some stuff I thought I knew was wrong! Thank you to Dr. Anna and the educators at 420 Organics for putting together such an informative series.

I am a medical worker and have been interested for a while now about the benefits of cannabis and how patients might consume to help with various conditions. It seems like there is conflicting information about benefits and drawbacks of Cannabis in the media and even in the medical journals. Dr. Anna explained the endocannabinoid system (which was completely absent from all my nursing courses), cannabis medicine, and routes of administration, which gave me a really good overview of how  and why cannabis works in the body. I now feel confident in speaking about cannabis to patients who are interested and curious.

By London

By Colin

By Kristen

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